Jennifer Alvarez borges


I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, in a family of Spanish emigrants. My grandparents emigrated looking for a better future, not knowing that years later, their granddaughter would emigrate to Spain looking for the same thing. I moved to Spain alone in 2017, and after several jobs, cities and stumbles, in 2018 I started my life in Tenerife. There I fell in love with the sea, the silence of the nights and yoga. Yoga, in addition to connecting with incredible people, connected me with myself.

Venezuela is going through the worst economic and social crisis in its history, and I always felt that nothing would be the same. In 2019, I had the opportunity to visit: go back to my family, my friends, my old house. It was then that I understood that there was no crisis that could ruin a good company, the heat of the Caribbean or the color of macaws. Nothing can take away from Araguaney its brilliance or from me this feeling that nobody understands.


Upon returning to Tenerife, I noticed that the words were not enough. He had to show the world what nothing and nobody can take from Venezuela, land of Grace: and thus Ikigay was born. Ikigai means 'reason for being', and with my first Promises collection I want you to fall in love as much as I do, to know my reason for being and for Ikigay ikigai + yoga to give a reason to everyone who is looking for it.

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